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Who We Are

Welcome to Affordable App Solutions. We create apps for small-to-medium businesses to help increase the frequency of customer visits. Our most recent app, called Affordable App Solutions Engage, helps restaurant get customer loyalty apps up and running quickly. You give us the basic information about your restaurant and we build your app! Quickly and Affordably!

Let us build you an app to Engage your customers

We designed our Engage platform to market to your existing customers. The goal is to convert your occasional customers into frequent customers. Engage strengthens your relationship with your customers with regular communication.

In the restaurant business, customers have many choices where they spend money. By engaging a customer you keep your restaurant in the front of the customer's mind. Keeping your restaurant's name in the forefront of your customer’s mind, means your customers will return more often.

Engaging customers is about building a relationship

Engaging existing customers, if not selling your product or brand. Hard sales tactics are what customers find annoying. Keeping your customers informed about your restaurant without hard sales keeps works.

When many think of advertising, they think of discounted specials, using the low price to attract customers. Deep discounts are not needed to build a relationship to entice a customer to return. The customer’s reward for returning is repeating the great time they know you will give them.

Examples of marketing messages that are not based on discounts:

  • News of the band playing this weekend
  • A special desert available for only a short time
  • A new craft beer that has just arrived

These are examples of ‘special events’ are not a hard sell. Publicizing these event notices have multiple advantages:

  • They choose your restaurant because you are in the forefront of their mind.
  • These offers trigger interest as they are 'new and different'
  • They are not a hard sales push that can be a turn off to your customers

Hitting the sweet spot on marketing to existing customers

The sweet spot refers to sending the number of messages that your customer will welcome without annoying them to the point that they opt-out.

It is a balance that can be hard to maintain. One way to achieve that balance is to have multiple topics for your customers to subscribe. You give your customers the ability to control what kinds of messages they would like to receive.

Customer feedback

Telling your customers you want their feedback is the same as telling your customers they are valued. Customer feedback is critical to spotting and solving problems before those issues become a threat to the bottom line. Getting customer feedback is critical to making an Engaged customer.

Using the Engage platform to increase customer loyalty

The Engage platform allows you to:

  • Use push notifications to talk with your customers
  • Send reminders to your customers that you value their feedback after their visit
  • Give your repeat customers rewards using an automated customer loyalty program

Other features of the Engage platform

  • Transparent updates of your app’s content for your customers. Customers do not need to update their app to get your new content. This is important when you send out a push notification referring to a new page.
  • Ability for pages in your app to look beautiful for your customers without having to know any formatting language.

If this solution seems to be exactly what you are looking for, we are ready to help get you going. Take a moment to explore our site to learn even more about how our app can benefit you. Whether you need a little help or a lot, we will help you customize Engage for your restaurant and start engaging with your customers today!