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Market Directly to Your Existing Customers with your Brand

It is a well-known fact that it is easier to get an existing customer to return than it is to get a new customer to visit. Our app is designed to entice your existing customers to increase the frequency of coming to your restaurant. Affordable App Solutions Engage App provides you the tools you need to market just to your customers.

Affordable App Solutions will take your data and build an app just for your business. No other business has access to the customers that use your app.

Your Brand - Your App. Your branded app will keep your name in front of your customers. Every time they look at their phone, they will see your restaurant brand.

Build Your Own Content

Our Simple Page Builder allows you to build beautiful pages that will advertise your restaurant. The content can include graphics, fancy navigation, your restaurant's menu, or anything you can imagine.

Customer Rewards Program

The rewards program in your app has two objectives:

  1. Reward frequent visitors with worthwhile offers; and,
  2. To entice your customers to install your app so you can send them advertising.

Restaurant Menus

Our app makes it easy for you to enter your restaurant's menu. We use a simple spreadsheet to allow you to enter your menu items.

Push Notification Marketing

Push Notifications are a critical portion of any modern marketing strategy. Push Notices are opened two to three times as much as e-mail messages.

Show Video Advertisements

You can show a YouTube video when a customer clicks a push notification for your app.

Custom Navigation Menus

You have complete control over your app's menus.

Event Listings

The event page will maintain an up-to-date listing of the events happening in your restaurant. A simple section in the app management site allows you to enter any upcoming event information for this page.

Fast Transparent Updates

Keeping the content in your app up-to-date is critical for your customers and your marketing campaign.

Advanced Technology to Make Sure Your App is Always Functional

An app is more than just the code that runs on your customer’s phone; it is also the servers that provide the content updates to your app and provide the back-end functionality.