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Advanced Technology to Make Sure Your App is Always Functional

An app is more than just the code that runs on your customer’s phone, it is also the servers that provide the content updates to your app and provide the back-end functionality.

Our servers are designed to run on the Amazon Web Services Cloud using their services to provide a redundant capability for all of our servers. This means even if one of our servers crashes, or is taken down for maintenance, the load will be transferred to other servers so your app will remain functional.

Technical Details for All the Nerds Out There

Updates for your app are handled by Amazon CloudFront which is a content delivery network that hosts your apps updates in 25 different cities across the United States and Canada. The souce content is served from an Amazon S3 Bucket. The S3 storage is replicated in three different physical locations so if one AWS S3 location fails, your updates are still physically available.

Records of your customers visits and reward use are handled by load-ballanced web servers. These servers monitor the load that they are handleing and when they get too busy they will automatically add more capacity to the server group to handle the additional load. If one of the servers fails or is taken down for maintenance, then the other servers will automatically take over for the failed server.

The data stored for the visits, rewards, and your app content is stored on AWS replicated servers. Every update that is made to the database is copied to at least one hot-spare backup. If for any reason the database server fails, the hot-spare is automatically moved to tbe the primary server so that all your customers can still record their visits and rewards.