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Keep your customers app installs up-to-date.

Keeping the content in your app up-to-date is critical for your customers and your marketing campaign.

If a customer clicks on a push notification you have sent them, but the page does not exist or the link is broken, you have not likely instilled much confidence in your customer.

We have seen competitor apps works that way. You click on the push message and you then see a notice that the app has to perform updates. Once the app is done, the home page of the app is shown, with no indication of how to view the content the notification was promoting.

Our app transparently loads new content as soon as the app is started. Even if your customer clicks on a message to open the app to a page being marketed, that page will be shown (as long as there is connectivity on the phone -- sorry, if we can't get to the internet, then we cannot download new content).

Once the content is on the user's phone, it will remain on the phone so the content can be shown even when the user does not have connectivity.