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Push Message Marketing

Push Messaging is a critical portion of any modern marketing strategy. The reason for this statement is that you are sending your marketing message directly to people, who you know are interested in your product, onto the screen they have in their hand most of the day.

Statistics show that push marketing is incredibly effective in getting your message to your customer. Read rates and response rates are higher than using almost any other form of marketing.

There are some limitations to Push Marketing.

  1. You have to get your customers to put your App on their device. To do this, you need to have an effective program where your staff tells your customers about your app and the advantages of installing your app. If nobody installs your app, nobody sees your message.
  2. If you send out too many push notifications, you become an annoyance instead of a valued resource. When that happens, your customers uninstall your app and you can no longer communicate with them. To avoid this problem, create several push message channels so you can send messages about specific topics to your customers who have interests in that topic, without blasting that same message to those who are no interested.