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Make the content you want on your App.

Push Messaging is the primary technique used to increase the frequency of customer visits. To gain this benefit you must have pages in your app that describe the product.

Examples pages may be:

  • A page describing and showing a special entree that you are advertising using push messaging.
  • A page describing a band or special event you are advertising.

Our simple page builder allows you to quickly generate beautifully formatted pages for display on all devices to support your push notifications.

The challenge making beautiful pages is not all devices have the same size screen. Page layouts need to respond to the screen size of your customer's device to maximize the user experience.

To solve this challenge we have ur simple content builder our simple page builder breaks down each page into 'blocks'. The page builder prompts you for the the content you want to place on the page and then does all the formatting does all the formatting for you.

Currently, the block types supported are:

  • Text blocks with formatting, such as bold italics, and lists.
  • Sections of your menu entered using a spreadsheet
  • Edge-to-edge images that will match every devices screensize
  • Tile-based navigation, to provide easy to use in-page navigation