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Publishing Changes to Your App

The process you need to follow to get your changes to your app on your customer's phones.

Entering Your Restaurant Menu

How to create great looking pages with your restaurant's menu.

Adding Content to Predefined Pages in Your App

There are a number of 'predefined' pages that are already created for your app. These pages have some blocks of text you can customize to meet your business needs.

Adding a Top-Image on a Predefined Page

Adding top-of-page images on your App predefined pages makes your app look much nicer.

Building Your Navigation Menus

Once you have created your pages, you need to create your navigation menus that allow your users to get to your pages.

Creating Your Restaraunts Rewards

How to create the rewards listed in your app.

Entering Events in Your Event Calendar

Special Events are a great customer draw. Keeping your event calendar up to date allows your customers to know what is going on in your restaurant anytime they open your app.