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Creating/Editing User-Defined Pages in Your App

You can add additional pages to your app to support your business needs.

Adding a YouTube Video to your App

It is easy to add a YouTube video to your app.

Adding Text to a User-Defined Page

Our simple what you see is what you get editor allows you to enter in text to your user-defined pages.

Adding Next/Previous Arrows to a User Defined Page

We provide a simple template system that allows you to choose the labels and pages for your next/previous page navigation.

Building a Full-Page Image Ad

A full-page image ad is a great way to advertise a specific product or event. Send out notifications linked to the ad for an effective advertising program.

Adding Tile Blocks to a User Defined Page

Need to allow your user to quickly navigate to one of a series of pages. Creating a tile block allows you to provide complex navigation choices is a simple easy to use fashion.

Adding a Restaurant Menu to a User Defined Page

Drop in your menu content uploaded from a spreadsheet into any user-defined page. When you change your menu and re-upload the spreadsheet all the pages automatically update.

Linking to a Remote Site

It is easy to link to a website. Often this is used to link to your online reservation provider.